Are you willing to participate in the movement towards more sustainable fashion?

Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. And we want to improve it. Our pre-order system allows us to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production, so we only produce the amount of garments we’re really going to sell. For you, this means waiting for a few days longer while participating in the movement towards more sustainable fashion. In terms of pricing, on-demand reverts the sales cycle and waves goodbye to the traditional fashion calendar.


With our on-demand model, we hold off on production until you have told us what you really want. This way, we minimize overproduction in fashion together. This is how it works: 

1 ·Existing collections:  We collect your orders and send it to production twice a week. It takes a few days to produce and then we ship it to you.

2. NEW COLLECTIONS: We launch our upcoming designs, available for pre-order at a 20% discount rate. You have 2 weeks to place your orders and then the discount drops to 10%. 

3 · We calculate exactly how many units of each new style should be produced and begin manufacturing.

The result: we produce more of what you like and less of what you don’t. No extra production involved, just the adequate level to fit demand.

The price: no traditional sales calendar involved. Instead, the cycle is reverted and the earlier you buy, the higher the discount.