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To discover the future, you need to cross boundaries!

The idea to create Nakeaid was born after completing a cycling race L’etape du Tour de France. While preparation process, the founder of the company, Elena Gromova, has realised that the selection of professional cycling wear for ladies is quite limited and much smaller than the one for men. Survey of like-minded cyclists showed that sportsmen are inputting enormous dose of efforts into sports not only to feel comfortable, but also to look exceptional.

However, it was not enough. Sportsmen were wearing cotton when you still needed a starting handle to start your car. Nowadays we drive with intelligent hybrid technology and make use of recuperation, ABS and ESP. And we ask ourselves this: can functional clothing for sports be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as car manufacturing, space travel and modern medicine?

It can, if you totally rethink your approach to functional clothing. With this in mind we decided not only to dress up sportsmen in unique stylish sportswear but to provide them with a healthcare/fitness software solution which helps to monitor sports activity and can be wearable in the clothes.    

With the help of a great team:

  • Fashion Designer, Lynnette Murphy with 30 years’ experience in the leading international brands and tuition in Central Saint Martin College

  • Sports business consultant, Ironstar triathlon manager and founder, Vladimir Voloshin  

And a numerous testing by the sportsmen, we launched our first cycling and triathlon collection. Next collection will include running  and swimming. The clothes will be providing high level of comfort being made of the finest Italian materials and produced by professional sportswear manufacturer in Latvia  and UK. 

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